Cryogen Piping for MRIs

Quench Vent Pipe, MRI Cryogen Ventilation Systems

Cryogen Piping for MRI

MRI systems use cryogens (usually helium) to cool the magnet in the MR scanner. This cooling can drastically reduce the amount of power that’s required to control the MR scanner. With temperatures hundreds of degrees below freezing, cryogens are cold enough to freeze human tissue within seconds, and pose serious cold burn and frostbite hazards. As cryogens are released to keep the magnet cool, they evaporate into odorless, colorless and tasteless gases. Most of the gas is recaptured, but some escapes during the process. These gases are still extremely cold and are normally vented safely out of the building.

A quench vent pipe provides an escape for cryogen straight to the outdoors. It is crucial to have a functioning quench vent pipe system with your MRI machine to ensure harmful toxins are not exposed to your staff and patients during a system failure.

Our Company can provide skilled, safe installations of quench vent for your MRI facilities.

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